Tips to Improve your Google PageSpeed Insights Score 🏁

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Make Your Page Lightning Fast with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) - Best app to use here...  


Optimise and Compress Images = Apps to use are Crush Pics or Image Optimizer

Remove Apps

Remove Apps you don't use - Check to see if you have 2 or more of the same apps and remove e.g Klaviyo and Shopify Email


Download a Fast and Responsive Theme for Your Shopify Store - Look for a fast and responsive theme and make sure you are on a 2.0 theme and check how it's performing by using Heat Maps. More info here...

Redirects and Broken Links

Minimise Redirects and Broken Links = In Shopify, you can apply 301 redirects by the built-in redirects function called “URL redirect.” For broken Links use this...

Tracking Codes

Organise All Your Tracking Code with Google Tag Manager (or your PPC Agency should have already done this for you)- Guide here...

Use Hero Layout

Use Hero Layout Instead of Using Sliders - Instead of a slider, use a single, high-quality Hero Layout image with a clear call to action.

Install a lazy loader

Install a lazy loader - More information here… 

How & Why We Write Content for SEO Success

Your brand is your voice, your story. Your website content is what tells that story and shares your message with the world. Here is a look behind the scenes at how we prepare your SEO content.

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