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SEO Tips to optimise your Page Titles and Meta Descriptions πŸ“ˆ

Tips to write a page title:

  • Contain your keywords from the search query analysis and keyword research you have done. Use the keywords but don’t overuse it.
  • Include your brand name when relevant
  • Be between 50-55 characters (sometimes you can get away with 35-60 characters). Too few and you miss opportunities. Too many and the title gets cut off.
  • Be understandable. Focus on readers, not just Google.
  • Present the answer to the person’s search query.
  • Match the content on the page. This should happen when the title contains your keywords.
  • Be unique to other pages on your site.
  • Be attractive or interesting in some way to make people want to click. This is often ticked off when other steps are done.

Tips for writing a Meta Description:

  • Aim for 145-160 characters.
  • Add your keywords in the meta description so the text is bold in search results and stands out.
  • Structure the description around your keywords.
  • Put them down first then write around it by thinking of the intent behind the search query.

Image Above: Example below for a Page Title and Meta Description


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