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SEO Tips to Improve Traffic & Revenue on Shopify πŸ’°

Setup Google Analytics (better and more accurate tracking than Shopify) and make sure your settings are setup correctly, tracking e-commerce, targeting the correct version of your website and the currency is in AUD. Help here…


πŸ” Titles & Meta Descriptions

Optimise your home page and collection page titles and meta descriptions, with keywords that are specific to the products, for those pages you are selling. Home page can be more general. When you optimise a collection page, you are subtly optimising the product too as they fall under a collection page. To see how they read and if they are indexed on Google, Go to Google and add Β site: Β in-front of your domain name. Example of Shopify…


πŸ—’ Content

Write content on your collection and sub-collection pages, so that Google can understand what each page is about and the products you are selling.


πŸ”— Backlinks

Get listed on a bunch of free AU local directories. This is an easy way to source some local backlinks to improve your domain strength, visibility and SEO.


πŸ“Έ Image Optimisation

Optimise and Compress your product images for faster website speed and enhanced core web vitals improvements. A good app…


🏎 Website Speed & Performance

Focus on mobile optimisation for your website, Google wants to see a mobile speed score of 50/100 or more as it’s starting to penalise sites that are under 50. You can check your score here…


🌏 Domains

Make sure your website is either on a .com.au domain for faster and better SEO as Google will give your site more relevancy (as you are based in Australia) or buy that AU domain so a competitor doesn’t buy it.


⭐️ Reviews

Consider adding a product review app to your product pages, as reviews provide additional, related content to your product pages, which can help them rank for long-tail keywords. Okendo would be the best for price, functionality and it doesn’t detriment your speed and performance too.


Contact Us if you need help with anything above!


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