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Ready for the Future of Analytics Through GA4 Migration?

At Kia Ora Digital, we offer expert GA4 migration services, ensuring a seamless transition from Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4. We go beyond simply managing your GA4 migration. With our personalised support, tailor-made solutions, and strategic guidance, we ensure that you unlock new opportunities for business growth and get the most out of your Google Analytics platform.
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The Power of GA4 Migration

Embrace the future by migrating to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the ultimate solution for comprehensive data tracking and analysis. When you choose our GA4 migration services, you gain access to a world of benefits:

  • Power-Packed User Insights: GA4 gives you a holistic view of your users’ journey, allowing you to fine-tune your strategies at every touchpoint.
  • Crushing the Competition: GA4 utilises machine learning to unearth patterns in user behaviour. This means more accurate cross-device tracking and predictive metrics, giving you an edge over your competitors.
  • Embracing the Privacy Era: GA4 offers enhanced privacy controls, keeping you compliant with global privacy laws like GDPR & CCPA.
  • Holistic Event Tracking & Reporting: GA4’s expanded event tracking covers actions like page scrolling, video engagement, and file downloads. Plus, unified reporting keeps all your data in one place.

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Specialised GA4 Migration Services for eCommerce

As an eCommerce SEO agency, we manage GA4 migration for some of the biggest eCommerce platforms:

  • Optimised tracking for Shopify: As Shopify partners, we’ll enhance the setup of GA4 to track user activities on Shopify stores.
  • Tailored tracking for BigCommerce: We’ll configure GA4 to effectively track user activities on BigCommerce stores.
  • Enabling tracking for Webflow: We can assist in helping you track user behavior on Webflow sites.
  • Integrated tracking solutions for Magento: We can also help you track user interactions on Magento stores.
  • eCommerce activity monitoring: We simplify the process of tracking eCommerce activities for improved data analysis.
  • Fix missing eCommerce events: Our specialist team will detect and rectify any missing eCommerce events in GA4 reports.
GA4 Migration Experts

Overcoming GA4 Migration Challenges

Our UA to GA4 migration services are designed to help you conquer common GA4 challenges. Our expert team will help you with:

  • Tracking across multiple domains: We’ll set up GA4 to accurately track user activities across various domains.
  • Expert guidance: We provide education and guidance on GA4 features, navigation, and data interpretation. We’ll also help you to utilise GA4’s data exploration and reporting features.
  • UA Data retention: We’ll help you maintain and manage data in Universal Analytics during the migration to GA4.
  • Setting up conversion tracking events in GA4: Our team assists in defining and tracking key conversion events in GA4.
  • Comprehensive tracking examinations: We conduct thorough checks to ensure accurate and effective data tracking on GA4.
  • Resolving discrepancies between UA & GA4 data: We’ll identify and correct inconsistencies between data collected from UA and GA4.
  • Assistance with BigQuery linkage: We help connect and integrate GA4 with Google’s BigQuery for advanced analysis.
  • Guidance on DataLayer setup & fine-tuning: Our experts assist in setting up and optimising the DataLayer for better data collection.
  • Single Page Applications (SPA): We set up GA4 to track user interactions effectively on SPAs.
  • Managing API reporting limits within Looker Studio: Our team ensures optimal use of Looker Studio’s API without exceeding reporting limits.
  • Tracking in React and Angular: We can also configure GA4 to track user behaviour in React-based applications and user interactions in Angular applications.
  • Custom dimensions & metrics: We can assist in defining custom dimensions and metrics for more detailed analysis.

Your Trusted Partners in Google GA4 Migration

As the deadline for the transition from UA to GA4 approaches, don’t get left behind. Trust our team of experts to manage your GA4 migration and prepare you for the future.Start your journey towards a successful GA4 migration and contact us today. We’re ready to help you unlock the full digital potential of your business.


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So happy with our results. With our organic web visitors more than doubling over 5 months. With random sales coming through that we have no paid advertising going to. And always great to chat to Dan & Ben for some extra inspiration.
We’ve only been working with Kia Ora for 3 months so far but they have exceeded my expectations . We have known Dan for many years and he knows his stuff. Only wish we had chosen to work with Dan earlier instead of some of the other cowboys in the industry.
The accountability and responsiveness of the Kia Ora Digital team makes the agency great. They are incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of SEO and Page Speed Optimization. Incredibly professional all round.
Highly recommend for ecommerce growth and professional SEO expertise. Working with Dan & Ben has been phenomenal, they know what they're doing and are easy to work with. Thanks guys!
Great experience with the crew here, Dan & Ben have gone above and beyond to assist in our online business growth. Great experience with an agency!

Ready to take your SEO to the next level?

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Ready to take your SEO to the next level?

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